A private laboratory specialized in the analysis, testing and failure analysis of materials since 1993

Our installed base of electrodynamic exciters (vibrators) allows us to provide many solutions to manufacturers’ vibratory specifications:

Applications :

- Characterizing the reaction to the stress of the environment ;
- Defining the breaking point of a mechanical structure, material or
component/electronic card ;
- Anticipating hazards in the production process, the conditions of use,
interaction with other vehicle components (powertrain, electric propulsion
, etc.) ;
- Performance of vibration tests according to customer specifications and standards in force (ISO, IEC, DO160F, etc.) ;
- Reproducing life cycles closer to reality.

Combo IMV Shaker and Combo V875
- Power 74 kN and 36 kN
- 3-axis excitation (tilting pot + vibrating table)
- Coupling possible with climatic chamber
- Min/max temperature: -70°C; +170°C
- Controlled hygrometry
- Volume : 1m3
- LMS Pilot Stations (Environmental Test Lab)

Stratégies de pilotage incluant les exigences des normes MIL Piloting strategies include MIL STD 810 and GAM EG 13 requirements :
- Sinus strategy
- Random Strategy
- Shock Strategy, SRC Calculation
- Combined Sine on Noise Strategy
- Combined Noise on Noise Strategy
- SRC Synthesis
- Strategy for Replication of the temporal signal

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